Because a child with brain damage deserves a second chance at life
And we aim to speed up that process.


UDAAN for the Disabled

A project for helping children with Special Needs
Run by: Foundation for Spastic and Mentally Handicapped Persons (FSMHP)
C-27 Dayanand Colony, Lajpatnagar - 4; New Delhi 110024; INDIA
Tel: +91-11-41621137; Email:

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21st January, 2015
Aim: Develop Exellence in specialized skill based training in Special Needs with recognized standard rehabilitation techniques complemented by a holistic approach combining ADVANCED MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Biomedical testing and treatments, mb12, Unani (Bacopa) Therapies, rTMS plus Neuro-Biofeedback, Sensory Integration, Stem Cell Therapy, etc).
Directed by: Dr. Arun Mukherjee, MBBS, MD
Sr. Consultant in Internal Medicine, Fortis C-DOC Hospital, Chirag Enclave, New Delhi, and
Founder Trustee and Director, FSMHP and UDAAN for the Disabled Project.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy DOES help in CP especially when combined with intensive Therapy, to a statistically significant degree. Our platform independent four way comparative study spread over 12 years has shown how. Now the highest Hyperbaric Body, the UHMS also recognizes our efforts.
Working in Collaboration with an International Team, our statistically analyzed data has just been published in the world's foremost and most stringent HBOT Journal: Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine of USA as its lead article, accompanied by an elaborate Editorial in it's March 2014 issue.
Click here for both Editorial and Paper
UDAAN's Services

UDAAN Multimode Therapy


  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Genetic NDD, e.g. Rett Syndrome
  • Down Syndrome
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Retardation
  • Muscular Dystrophies
  • Motor Neuron Disease


  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Parent Training


  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Sensory IntegrationTherap
  • Special Education
  • Speech Therapy
  • Art and Craft Training
  • Pre-Vocational Training
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Toilet Training
  • Group Training


    UDAAN pioneered Pediatric HBOT in India (Since 2001). We showed that the main effect comes from DNA signalling rathger than the brute force of high tissue oxygenation, though that is also necessary to an extent. That is why 13 ATA compressed air gave statistically same benefit as 1.75 ATA 1000% Oxygen. We are now able to design personalized therapy, by regulating the pressure of each session, oxygen concentration, treatment intervals and the number of sessions required to be given based on clinial features, severity of damage on CT-SPECT Fusion Scan, and complicarions if any.
    Clinical Trial proven benefits of HBOT
    • Reduces tissue inflammatory edema
    • Restores microcirculation
    • Promotes new blood vessel formation in the injured area
    • Enhances release of stem cells from bone marrow to enhance healing
    • Increased Fibroblast Proliferation
    • Increased Bone Mineral Density & Healing
    • Increased Epithelization
    • Increased Ischemic Tissue Oxygen Capacitance
    • Enhance Neuro-Plasticity and DNA signaling.
    • Reduce Apoptosis
  3. Unani / Ayuvedic Herbal Therapies are many millenia old and established by many centuties of experience. The one herb that has consistently stood out for brain repair is "Brahmi" (Bacopa). The problem was is purifying and standardising the active portion from what is available in herbal stores AFTER the hair oil manufacturers have removed a major part of the active moiety.
    This has been achieved by the Dept. of Ayush, Ministry of Heaslth, Govt. of India. A specially formulated Brahmi based herbal therapy has been made by the Dept. and will be used through UDAAN under strict scrutiny.
    About 50 children with autism, meeting the Inclusion and Exclusion criteria, as with any therapy, will be treated free of cost. The solitasry Center chosen for doing this project is UDAAN, bcause of its long history and international recognization for doing unbiased clinical research based therapies. We propose to start by the beginning of the new Financial Year (2015 - 2016).

The Future Strategies Continued

Many types of Special Needs children suffer from genetic defects that may directly affect the child, or predispose the child to increased susceptibility to environmental infections, toxins, pollution, allergies, immune dysfunctions, mitochondrial dysfunctions, etc. Many of the resultant biomedical defects may be isolated / discovered, and treated with modern medical approaches to mitigate their harmful physiological influences and thus enhance quality of life of the child.
UDAAN has taken the lead in bringing scientific evidence based biomedical therapies for autism to India. The first venture was to organise an exhaustive 3 day International Conference at Delhi called NR2CON conference in 2007, with 7 International authorities and 22 National authorities discussing every aspect of management of special need children.
The Director of UDAAN, Dr. Mukherjee had to travel to USA a number of times to participate in all the six modules and the Mentorship course at International Training Conferences organised by the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special-needs (MAPS) of USA, to learn about scientific Biomedical Management of Autism ( Today, Dr. Mukherjee is the first Fellow of MAPS in India and the first Faculty Member in Asia.
Biomedical Regimen based approach to Autism Management includes:
  • Biomedical comprehensive testing
  • Individualized Dietary guidelines
  • Individualized Micronutrient guidelines
  • MB12 Therapy
  • Management of Gut Dysbiosys
  • Improving Immune Dysregulation
  • Enhancing DNA / RNA Signalling
  • HBOT / HBAT in Autism
  • Managing Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Controlling injurious (self and others) and/or foolish behavior
  • Detoxification
  • Stem Cell Research
rTMS with Neuro-Biofeedback consists of cutting edge medical devices to stimulate paralysed body parts, dysfunctional brain areas, and restore brain control, increase concentration, reduce hyperactivity and thus demonstrate an all round improvement in brain function. With the installation of the full range of equipment at UDAAN, it is the first NGO to conduct a proper study of the benefits of rTMS in brain damaged children (CP, TBI, ASD, etc).
This unique project for helping recovery of brain function in CP children has been initiated by UDAAN, as a Project of the Govt. of India, in collaboration with NEHU. Fifty children meeting the selection criterias (inclusion and exclusion criteria) will be treated by it free of cost at UDAAN. The project is scheduled to start be February-March of 2015.

Vitamin Methyl B12 is a methylated form of the more popular vitamin B12. The vitamin B12 molecule is like a truck that ferries needed chemicals (methyl or hydroxy or acyl, etc) from liver to the tissue asking for it. On reaching the target tissue, it gives up the chemical, and reverts back to ordinary B12 to do similar transporter work once again.
Brain needs "Methyl". The liver, with the help of folic acid, attaches a Methyl molecule to B12 to convert it to Methyl B12. On reaching blood circulation, the MB12 donates the Methyl to Homocysteine to convert it to Methionine, which has the ability to penetrate the blood brain barrier to deliver the "Methyl" finally to the brain cells and nerves, for carrying out their individ, on giving up the Methyl, reverts back to Homocysteine, which, with the help of Selenium and pyridoxal pathway, gets converted to Glutathione, the most important tissue cleaning agent in the body, required to get rid of toxins and heavy metals.<. It also methylates and activates the Dopamine D4 receptors to make them responsive to dopamine to control brain hyperactivity. Vitamin MB12 is already approved for use in India.
This Clinical Study will show how much better if any, MB12 is, as compared to placebo or ordinary active form of vitamin Hydroxy B12 , when it is administered at a concentration 50 times greater than commercially available injections, that is necessary to make it a virtually painless injection (half of one drop of water, given by an Insulin Syringe just below skin of hip), in cases of Autism.
This study has been approved by Drugs Controller of India and Independent Ethics Committee. One hundred children meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria will receive the drug and be treated with it free of cost at UDAAN for two years. The children may continue their standard rehab at the center of their choice. The project is scheduled to start by mid 2015.
APPOINTMENTS AT UDAAN For Direct or Skype Appointment with Dr.Arun Mukherjee, MD and his Team, for Assessments, Opinion, Guidance, Biomedical Management or Regenerative Medicine, please contact:
Manager Projects and R&D on +91-958-242-8429; or Center in Charge or contact him on +91-837-700-0180; Reception on +91-114-162-1137


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Contact at UDAAN or write to us
We are starting Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) Therapy for brain injured child with CP. The treatment is free for the first 50 children meeting our Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria. Children from South Delhi or those who can visit UDAAN daily are preferred. The project is expected to last two years, with about six months of therapy per child, FREE of cost.

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