Because a child with brain damage deserves a second chance at life
And we aim to speed up that process.


UDAAN for the Disabled

A project for helping children with Special Needs
Run by: Foundation for Spastic and Mentally Handicapped Persons (FSMHP)
C-27 Dayanand Colony, Lajpatnagar - 4; New Delhi 110024; INDIA
Tel: +91-11-41621137; Email:

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Last updated
12th November, 2014
Aim: Develop Exellence in specialized skill based training and ADVANCED MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Biomedical testing and treatments, mb12, Unani therapies, rTMS, Neuro-Biofeedback, Sensory Integration, Stem Cell Therapy, Standard Rehabilitation) for children with special needs.
Directed by: Dr. Arun Mukherjee, MBBS, MD
Founder Trustee and Director, FSMHP and UDAAN for the Disabled Project.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy DOES help in CP especially when combined with intensive Therapy, to a statistically significant degree. Our platform independent four way comparative study spread over 12 years has shown how. Now the highest Hyperbaric Body, the UHMS also recognizes our efforts.
Working in Collaboration with an International Team, our statistically analyzed data has just been published in the world's foremost and most stringent HBOT Journal: Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine of USA as its lead article, accompanied by an elaborate Editorial in it's March 2014 issue.
. Click here for both Editorial and Paper


  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism
  • Rett Syndrome and other similar genetic disorders
  • Down Syndrome
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Mental Retardation
  • Learning Disability
  • Muscular Dystrophy


  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Parent Training



    UDAAN is the internationally recognized pioneer of Pediatric HBOT in India (Since 2001). When we started, everyone, but everyone, ridiculed us for trying to heal brain. Quietly over the years, 16 new centers have come up in Delhi alone, and God knows how many more in India.
    Role of HBOT
    • Reduces tissue inflammatory edema
    • Restores microcirculation
    • Promotes new blood vessel formation in the injured area
    • Enhances release of stem cells from bone marrow to enhance healing
    • Increased Fibroblast Proliferation
    • Increased Bone Mineral Density & Healing
    • Increased Epithelization
    • Increased Ischemic Tissue Oxygen Capacitance
    • Enhanced Neuro-Plasticity to allow unused areas of brain to take over function of fully damaged areas, and also normalization of Metabolic Apoptosis and DNA signaling.
  3. Many types of Special Needs children suffer from genetic defects that may directly affect the child, or predispose the child to increased susceptibility to environmental infections, toxins, pollution, allergies, immune dysfunctions, mitochondrial dysfunctions, etc. Many of the resultant biomedical defects may be isolated / discovered, and treated with modern medical approaches to enhance quality of life of the child. Biomedical approach provided includes:
  5. rTMS with Neuro-Biofeedback for helping recovery of brain function in CP children has been initiated by UDAAN, as a Project of the Govt. of India. Fifty children meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be treated by it free of cost at UDAAN. The project is scheduled to start be January 2015.
  7. Unani Therapy is a synergistic combination of classical Greek and Persian medicines, along with Ayurveda and Rasayan Shastra drugs from India. It was developed by the team of physicians left behind with the Greek General Seleucas, after Alexander the Great, afraid to take on the vastly superior Magadh Empire of North-Central India under Chandragupta Maurya, returned back towards Greece to die of sickness at Babylon.
    The Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM) under Min. of Health, Govt. of India, had developed a specialized standardized preparation of Bacopa (popularly known as Brahmi in India) that has been used for more than six millennia in India as a brain restorative medication. This product had earlier been tried at UDAAN, under a Min. of Health, Govt. of India Project, to revive Cognitive damage to brain in CP, with good results. A modified preparation to tackle autistic damage in brain will now undergo a similar trial at UDAAN. Fifty children meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be treated by it free of cost at UDAAN. The project is scheduled to start by February 2015.
  9. Vitamin methyl B12 is a methylated form of the more popular vitamin B12. It contributes to reading of the DNA and RNA codes in brain, and methylates the Dopamine D4 receptors to make that receptor active and respond to dopamine to control brain hyperactivity. Vitamin MB12 is already approved for use in India. This Clinical Trial will study how much better if any, it is, as compared to ordinary active form of vitamin B12 (Hydroxy B12) , when administered at a concentration 50 times greater than commercially available injections, that is necessary to make it a virtually painless injection (one third of one drop of water, given by an Insulin Syringe just below skin), in cases of Autism. This study has been approved by Drugs Controller of India and Independent Ethics Committee. One hundred children meeting the inclusion and exclusion criteria will be treated by it free of cost at UDAAN. The project is scheduled to start by February 2015.

APPOINTMENTS AT UDAAN For Direct or Skype Appointment with Dr.Arun Mukherjee, MD and his Team, for Assessments, Opinion, Guidance, Biomedical Management or Regenerative Medicine, please contact:
Manager Projects and R&D on +91-958-242-8429; or Center in Charge or contact him on +91-837-700-0180; Reception on +91-114-162-1137


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A young MBBS qualified mother of a Special Need child who has perforce given up her job and career to care for her child, and is staying in easily commutable distance from UDAAN, to join Team UDAAN, possibly as my successor (if she is up to the mark), to learn from me and later manage our medical research projects like Biomedical Therapies for Autism, and projects / researches involving Hyperbaric Oxygenation, rTMS and Neurofeedback, Stem cell Therapy, MB12 injection, Bacopa, Demographic studies, etc.
WE WILL TEACH HER ALL ABOUT THESE, while her child gets free rehabilitation here. Her work-hours may be full or half time, to suit her convenience.
We are NOT LOOKING for a short term committment but a long term family bonding with the Spirit of UDAAN

Come and be a part of our dream and together we will sail further towards that goal.

Dr. A Mukherjee, MD.
Founder Trustee and Director

Sr. Consultant in Internal Medicine, Fortis C-DOC Hospital,
Chirag Enclave opp. Nehru Place, New Delhi 110048; INDIA
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