Summary: This chapter of the UDAAN Neurological Disabilities Portal lists many of the organizations working for the differently abled persons in India. This chapter is in its infancy and depends on the help extended by other organizations in getting their names listed here.
Last updated 30 September 2015



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List of Some helpful organizations, MOSTLY IN INDIA, and their links

·         ORGANIZATIONS IN INDIA recognized and aided by Government of India, M/o. Social Justice and Empowerment, working to help children with CP, MR. MH, Autism and Down syndrome. The list does not include Orthopaedic or Hearing or Vision Impaired children's institutions. The list IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE  NEW 

We are waiting for other zones to cooperate to fill up this page, on a reciprocal basis of link sharing. We owe it to the parents and caregivers of special need persons.
Send in the name of your organization, Contact person, Address, Phone/FAX numbers, E-mail ID / Internet website address if any, and type of disability handled. We will do the rest.
Naturally, this service is FREE to all organizations who sahe our link on their website. Exceptions made at our discretion.


Contact Person:
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