Comparative study of stress, expectation and awareness level among parents of Individuals with CP, Multiple Disabilities & Autism

Ms. Usha Grover

Asst. Prof. Of NIMH, Delhi



Analytical study on stress, awareness, expectations and perceived needs of parents of individuals having cerebral palsy, autism and multiple disabilities.


In the past two decades focus has shifted from child cantered services to family central services in the field of disability rehabilitation.

However the result of the shift is focus has not been significant.

Family integration of the individual with disability and effective home based training involving parents as trainer are yet to get highlighted.

Unless, parents stress, parents awareness, parents expectation s and parents need are addressed to at all levels i.e. individual, professional, administrator, state and national level, rehabilitation cannot be achieved in its true perspective thereby violating rights of individual with disabilities.

In the present analytical study the author has identified the level of stress, awareness, expectations and needs of parents of individual having Cerebral palsy, autism, multiple disabilities.

The author has also studied the relationship amongst these individuals.

A sample of 60 parents was taken across various schools in Delhi .

A questionnaire was developed which was administered to all 60 parents in the interview mode.

The data was collected and then subjected to analysis and comparison.

It was found that high stress, high expectations and high need were found in all the groups.

Parental stress was highest in parents of individuals having autism.

Parental awareness was found highest among Parents of individuals having autism.

Parentís expectations were highest in case of parents of individuals having cerebral palsy.

Parental need revealed as maximum in parents of individuals having multiple disability.    


Ms. Usha Grover

Asstt. Prof. in Special Education at the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Regional Centre, New Delhi .

After Post Graduation in Education she underwent intensive 1 yr diploma course in Special Education in University of Birmingham , U.K in 1984 and her Ph.D from Jamia Milia Islamia in the year 2005