What is HBOT and What it does


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves intermittent inhalation of 100% Oxygen under a pressure exceeding that of the atmosphere

Committee on Hyperbaric Medicine (1976 )
Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, USA.

Definition needs changing.

rHBOT (regular HBOT using high pressure, 100% oxygen) may be preferred over mHBAT (mild HBOT using 1.3 ATA pressure and compressed room air at about 21%) for many of the severe established hypoxic / anoxic indications like severe buirn, severe crush injury, bomb blast injury, carbon-monoxide injury, non-healing wounds, diabetic foot injuries, etc..
But the Lancet paper by Collet et al and our own experience in >150 Children suggests that where cognitive improvement is a more important criteria, with some motor recovery also desired (e.g. CP and possibly Autism also), 1.3 ATA mHBAT with room air compression may be preferred over rHBOT.

What effects can it deliver?

All of them lead to

Final outcome: recovery close to the maximum clinically & statistically significant extent possible.

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