Summary: UDAAN, a premier institution of Delhi, INDIA announces the availability of Multimode Early Medical Intervention therapy of Cerebral Palsy. However, the success of Multimode Therapy depends upon proper selection of cases with promise and safety. It is also necessary to choose children who can be followed up for 5 or more years at least, before more definitive opinions can be given about the benefits of this regime. Last updated January 21, 2007

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Selection of children for Multimode Early Medical Intervention Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

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  1. The parents /legal guardians of the child must be sufficiently educated and intelligent to understand that this multimode therapy is based on theoretical considerations, based on individual limited published data on benefits seen cp or similar muscle spastic conditions. Many of the therapies are still considered experimental. The parent / legal guardian has to give us informed written witnessed voluntary consent to subject his/her child to receive the Multimode therapy, before any other point can be considered.
  2. Medical data with us suggests that a child with cp of ischemic origin, aged less 5 years, has the best chances of significant recovery; older children do have  improvement, but not as much as in smaller children. Hence, that is why we prefer children aged 1 to 3 years, and preferably those less than 5 years of age. Demonstration of SPECT scan proven ischemic penumbra is considered a very important marker for the HBOT phase of multimode therapy. However, many CP children have what is technically called "SPECT within normal limits", since tiny patchy lesions are very difficult to pick up with equipment available.
  3. The Multimode Therapy regime as envisioned by us, will last for eight months of intensive therapy phase, followed by life long maintenance therapy phase at home or as the parent / legal guardian decides. During the MMT period, the child must be a resident of Delhi, so that proper follow up can be done.
  4. Though Multimode Therapy can be done at multiple institutions once the proper guidelines are established, this is not the case as of today. This is the first venture of its kind in the world, and hence there are no guidelines available. So we will have to trust our expertise, judgment and play it by the ear. That means each child must be constantly under the supervision of our trained staff throughout the 6 months, in the best long term interests of the child.
  5. The parent has to give a guarantee of transport facilities for his/her child as required throughout the period.
  6. The child must have a definitive diagnosis of cerebral palsy (of ischemic origin), certified by a competent authority.
  7. The child must be medically fit, as certified by our panel of paediatricians, or staff and any other specialist we may need to refer to. Children selected for HBOT must be fit as regards diseases of ear / nose / throat.
  8. The child should not be suffering from uncontrolled epilepsy, tuberculosis, chronic skin disease, asthma, diabetes, chronic allergic respiratory disorders, chronic bowel disease, or any other chronic debilitating or communicable disease that could be a threat to the child or another child.
  9. The authorities behind UDAAN reserve the right to stop Multimode Therapy for any child, if :
    - in the opinion of any specialist, the child does not seem to be benefiting from it
    - multimode therapy seems to be having any adverse effect on that child
    - the parent / guardian is not cooperating with the Multimode authorities in carrying out instructions at home
  10. The parent / guardian reserves the right to withdraw from the project at any time without giving UDAAN any cause. However, we would like to know the cause of withdrawal if any, though we cannot insist on it.
  11. Finances are always a problem in a costly of this kind, and we would like to provide as much subsidy to as many children as we possibly can. The actual cost of Multimode therapy for one child, inclusive of HBOT, cost of Botox, Acupuncture equipment, three sets of Acupuncture needles, transport costs, Salary of Special Educator and Physiotherapist, salary of helper staff, documentation expenses, HBOT mask assembly, etc. comes to an average of about Rs 2.4 lakhs per child. We have managed through grants, donations and sponsorships to reduce it substantially and can offer subsidy to the extent of 40 to 50 % (Conditions apply). Click here for details

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