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Mission Statement

The Foundation for Spastic and Mentally Handicapped Persons (FSMHP) was set up as a Non-Profit Charitable Trust in April 1994 to help children with brain damage related disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation (MR), Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), to lead a better quality of life, and to help them return to their rightful place in society and gainful employment wherever possible.
Last updated 26 June, 2010

Meeting the Needs

FSMHP runs mainly with the help of donations by our personal funds, and that raised from my grateful patients, relations, friends, and sympathetic visitors to our center. We have generated some funds from plays by our kids, and an exhibition of calendars, greeting cards, and other artworks and knick-knacks made by our kids. Our donors were given a copy of the 1997 calendar, which is a Desktop one-page-per-month type, with each page having a print of one of the cards made by our kids, depicting the different moods of the year as in India. It was a roaring success spelt with a Capital S. In case you become one of our donors, we would be glad to send you a copy, even though half the year has gone by.
We subsidize children's expenses by 50- 90%, depending on the economic status of their parents. That is why we are collecting funds any way we can, to keep the wings of freedom from bondage flapping away to success.
In 1996, the Income Tax Dept. granted Section 80G Tax Exemption certificate for donations to FSMHP.
Today, more than 2 dozen staff members are taking care of more than 5 dozen kids with moderate to advanced brain related disabilities.
Each child is examined by a panel of specialists, to determine the degree of physical, mental, emotional, communication ability and behavioral disability. Each child then receives individually designed targets of achievement and progress.

FSMHP has tried to fulfil its objective by two projects: