List of services available under UDAAN Multimode Early Medical Intervention Therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders


UDAAN for the Disabled, at C-27 Dayanand Colony, Lajpatnagar-4, New Dehi, is, a premier disability management institution of Delhi, INDIA. We provide Multimode Early Medical Intervention Therapy of Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and many other neurodevelopmental Disorders at affordable rates to make it more affordable to a wider cross-section of society.
The sheer varieties of therapy available at UDAAN is unparalled in most of Asia.

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The Foundation for Spastic and Mentally Handicapped Persons (FSMHP) is a non-profit non-governmental organization, registered under the Trust Act in 1994. FSMHP is Income Tax Exempt U/s. 80G and 12 AC. It is also registered under FCRA to receive sponsorships and donations in foreign currency.

The main therapy project of FSMHP is UDAAN for the Differently Abled (formerly called UDAAN for the Disabled). UDAAN was set up to provide a multimode standard and medical intervention therapy approach to the largest range of neurodevelopmental delay in children that includes cerebral palsy, autism spectrum, Down syndrome, William's syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, cardiomyopathy due to Carnitine Transporter Deficiency Type-2, etc.

FSMHP-UDAAN is recognised by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, as a Project for Education and Training of severely Multiple Handicapped children since 2000. It is today handling multiple front line cutting edge research projects in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, including some for various Ministries of Govt. of India

The Medical Director overseeing the project

Dr. Arun Mukherjee, MBBS, MD (Medicine) has 40 years of Post-Graduate medical experience, and is the Senior Medical Consultant at National Heart Institute, East of Kailash, New Delhi, and Fortis C-DOC Hospital at Chirag Enclave opposite Nehru Place, New Delhi.
He is the Only Indian to have completed all six Training Modules and Mentorship courses at the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special-needs at USA and is also today the only Faculty member of MAPS from Asia
In addition, we have a panel of other medical specialists to prvide a helping hand and guidance whenever required.

Why go in for Medical Intervention Therapy for brain revival in children with special needs?

If your car is not running well, how long would you spend ONLY changing the wheels and greasing the axles (= Standard Rehabilitation) to make the car run properly?

If the car engine is at fault (= brain pathology of all Neurdevelopmental disabilities), then you have to repair the engine to make the car run better.

Of course, it also needs a good transmission system and wheels, but that is secondary, not primary.

Brain repair techniques make more viable brain tissue available for the therapist to train, to improve quality ol life of the child, though we are still far away from "CURE"

This holds true even for genetic disorders. Just as we use regulated specs for genetic vision power defects and anti-diabetics in genetic diabetes and antihypertensives for genetic high Blood pressure, so too, we can use various medical inputs for Autism and Down dyndrome to mitigate the pathologies.

Why do we need Multimode Therapy?

Standard Rehabilitation bolstered by Early Medical Intervention in Neurodevelopmental Disabiliies helps a special need child come that much closer to full "CITIZENSHIP" with every right to enjoy social facilities, outdoor activities, acedemic opportunities, gainful financial viability and career opportunity. These require an ALL-ROUND neurodevelopment, which Multimode Therapy aims to provide through its multiple modes, as listed below.

The costlier parts of such an approaches are HBOT, Biomedical Therapy and off-label Cellular Regenerative Medical Therapy. Since brain development is largely complete before start of sixth year of life, these are best considered before that age, though they COULD give some benefits at a later age also.
Just as a Heart, Kidney. Liver or Lung Transplant or admission into the best ICCU for a heart attack does not guarrantee that the patient will emerge safely cured, so too, there is no guarrantee of cure or safety or efficacy. But doctors have treated enough cases successfully, safely and effectively during the last one-and-a-half decades to be encouraged to proceed further with cautious optimism.

Benefits to be expected by each method under Multimode Therapy

assessment and counselling
The UDAAN Psychologist assesses Psycho-social behaviour, severity measurement, parental counselling and diagnosis
assessment and therapy
The Physiotherapist team at UDAAN helps in strengthening body, mobilising joints and enabling the body to be able to carry out the work it wants to.
Occupational Therapist's assessment and therapy UDAAN's Occupational Therapy Team teaches the child how to use its body properly for work and how to do the needful
Sensory Integration Therapy The brain is constantly bombarded by millions of sensations, UDAAN has a fully equipped Sensory Integration Therapy unit to help in filtering the multitude of signals and analysing them to make proper sense of its environment and surrounding and react or respond appropriately, especially in children with autistic features
Special Educator's assessment and therapy UDAAN's Special Educators are trained to bring out the best in special needs child, using specialised individualised therapy, specialised aids and appliances, as benefits a specific child. This is best done on a one-to-one manner initially at least half to one year before going in for group therapy, pre-vocational training, money handling if cognitive abilities permit, integrated or main-stream schooling.
Potty Training Passing stool and urine is a necessity of life but its ability is acquired sometimes much later than usual or not at all. It seems innocuous while the child is small, but what when he/she grows up? If a girl child, the additional question of changing nappies comes up. Hence this training is an essential part of the training of a special need child. Hardly ANY Training Center imparts this training, especially for the girl child. UDAAN has male and female staff to teach this shunned part of training too.
ADL Therapists's assessment and therapy UDAAN's ADL Staff enables the special child to develop ability based techniques of "HOW TO" for activities of daily living like eating, washing up, toileting, dressing and undressing, etc.
Speech Therapists's assessment and therapy Speech Therapists at UDAAN do not aim only for speech development, but also provide a wide range of specific exercises and oromotor training for proper sucking, chewing, swallowing, phonation, besides proper speech development and all that goes on behind that activity.
Art and Craft Training UDAAN's Artist is an excellent teacher for Art and Crafts training, teaching eye-hand coordination, reducing attention deficit and hyperactivity, enhancing command following while reducing attention deficit, thus improving psychosocial behaviour to let loose the flight of imagination in the heart of every child.
Group Therapy Once the child graduates from the primary therapies above, specific UDAAN Therapy streams take over and he is started on Group Therapy to teach him/her to be social, cooperative and part of a group with a common targets to achieve, like activities together, meals together, going to the market together, etc. This helps reduce ADHD, increases psycho-social and communication abilities, command following and helps his/her return to society.
Pre-Vocational Training The child of today must graduate to gainful employment tomorrow. For this many centers run Vocational courses. UDAAN takes care of the preparatory stage by imparting Pre-Vocational Training as part of an advanced Group Therapy when the child is ready.
assessment and counselling
The Medical Team at UDAAN generates an overview of diagnosis, pathology, prognosis and directions to take. Biomedical Testing and Approach are totally Medical. Deciding the dose and duration of HBOT and other latest research methodologies (see below) are also determined by the Medical Director
HBOT: Mild as well as high pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a means to deliver oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure to enhance intercellular delivery of oxygen in hypoxic brain and other tissues to enhance healing rate by overcoming hypoxia. It has been shown to be effective in CP, autism and allied neurodevelopmental disabilities. Its dose and duration depends on a careful analysis of a SPECT 3-D Fusion Scan of brain, a rare resource, available at Delhi, in India. We have been regularly doing it since 2003.
Our 10 years data on platform independent usage of HBOT won for us the award of "HYPERBARIC DOCTOR OF THE YEAR" 2010. Our detailed analysis paper was also published in march 2014 in Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine Journal
Biomedical Testing with Therapy and Diet (GFCF etc.) in Autism Dr. Mukherjee, the Medical Director, personally overseas this section.
About 30 minor and 20 major genetic faults have been noticed in Autism, that, in association with environmental factors, triggers the disease. While we cannot alter the genes, we can overcome the faults as we are already doing in diabetes, hypertension, power of eyes, etc. The faults especially targeted include gut dysbiosys, abnormal Methylation and Sulfation pathways, immunological deficiencies, micronutrient imbalances, neurological deficits, mitochondrial dysfunction, etc.
These approaches follow the guiding principles of Medical Academy of Pediatric Special-needs of USA
Computer assisted Neurofeedback: for Autism UDAAN is developing the Pediatric protocol for children to receive Computer-assisted Neurofeedback. The unit uses a PC with many video-type games and programs to suit all ages. Electrodes attached to the head and body pick up the body's EEG and EMG signals. If we concentrate well, the game or program plays out. This enhances recovery from ADHD and increases cognitive abilities and output.
We have been entrusted by Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, to establish the Pediatric Protocol for its usage in children with ADHD and cognitive inadequacy
Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulationor rTMS, for Spasticity relief At UDAAN, we use a sophisticated computer-assisted device whose electromagnetic coil with regulated mHz stimulation at specific intervals, for specific number of doses, for a specific number of days helps the damaged muscle-controlling areas of damaged brain function to regain to a fair degree, with reduced spasticity and enhanced muscle control. Coincidentally, mother's also remark that the child's cognitive abilities have also increased.
We have been entrusted by Dept. of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, to establish the Pediatric Protocol for its usage in children with spasticity
Brahmi: Purified and Standardized in Autism Delving in to the oldest literatures, the Central Council of Research in Unani Medicine, Ministry of Health, Government of India, has standardised and purified Bramhi. We have already demonstrated its safety and efficacy in CP in helping damaged brain in a long term double blind placebo controlled trial earlier. Now we have been again selected (only Institution in India) to repeat the study in Autism.
We have been entrusted by Dept. of Ayush (CCRUM), Govt. of India, to establish the Pediatric Protocol for its usage in children with Autism Spectrum
Cellular Medical therapy in Neurodevelopmental disabilities Stem Cells are the remnant colonies of the primordial cell that created that human being. They carry out repair and replacement of damaged and worn out cells (Apoptosis). Sometimes, when the injury is very severe, they cannot rise up to the occasion and need an external supplement.. See the specific pages for details. UDAAN does not do Stem Cell Therapy. Cases that desire this treatment procedure are directed to places where it my be available.
The last six medical interventional therapies are off-label, and are tried out selectively only when standard Rehabilitation alone fails to complete the recovery adequately.

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