Efficacy of Biochemical Approach in Autism

Ms. Manisha Lad

Mother of 6 yrs old boy diagnosed as ASD at 18 months of age. She spent 10 yrs of her career in Information Technology and worked extensively in Japan , and USA . After son’s diagnosis she quit her career and devoted herself in researching and implementing new treatment and therapies. Started Biomedical Intervention with son from Jul 2004… “His steady improvements reinforce us to explore new treatments”.


Efficacy of Biochemical Approach in Autism: A practical and personal observation from a professional and mother of an autistic child.


Ms Manisha Lad is a Nutritional Consultant by profession and a mother of a 6 year old autistic son.

She is a strong believer in DAN and holistic biomedical intervention which has been extremely beneficial for her son.

She also preaches various diets like Feingold, Gluten Free & Casein Free and Low oxalate.

She uses a step by step approach to implement the diet for her patients and guides them on the basic vitamins and supplementation schedule.

She also follows food logs & behavioral log which helps her to analyze and minimize the behaviors caused by intolerant food and environment.

Her goal is to educate parents with children on the spectrum and create awareness in parents with regards biomedical intervention.

She also attends DAN conference in the US every year to keep herself updated with the DAN approaches.

She is also a certified and trained DAN Nurse Practitioner.



Ms. Manisha Lad

Education: Bachelor Degree of Science in Physics, India; Masters Diploma in Software Engineering, India; Nutritional Consultant, Global College of Natural Medicine (GCNM), USA