Specialized Techniques & Technologies in Neuro Rehabilitation

Communication DEALL

Dr. Pratibha Karanth

Speech and Language Pathologist



Early intervention is increasingly seen to alter the course of the eventual, long term outcome for children with ASD.

Engaging the child substantially when the developmental skills are not as pervasively disrupted as in later years, is seen to affect their growth curves in a positive manner.

The curriculum for early intervention emphasizes a supportive environment, imitation, language, play and social interaction., predictability and routine, functional approach to behavior problems, family involvement, intensive intervention and planned transition to school.

Communication DEALL is one such indigenously developed intensive early intervention program for children with neurodevelopmental communication disorders such as those with SLI, ASD and DVD.

The program is run by a multidisciplinary team of speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and early educators and aims at attainment of age appropriate skills by the age of 5 years across several developmental domains, in order to maximize the possibility of mainstreaming the child.

The presentation will cover the theoretical underpinnings of the communication DEALL program and the framework for the intervention procedures with case illustrations.

Finally an over view of the Communication DEALL program from its inception in 2000, its current status and future plans will be presented briefly.



Dr. Pratibha Karanth

Speech and Language Pathologist.

Developed the Communication DEALL program for children with communication disorder (such as: SLI, ASD, PDD and DVD)