Mitochondrial Disease: Current scenario of management of MD

Ms.Shannon Kenitz

Executive Director of the International Hyperbarics Association



Ms. Kenitz has a lovely looking daughter, who was diagnosed by many of the foremost Institutions in USA as a fatal form of Mitochondrial disease, for whom nothing could be done. After moving from one specialist to another, she came to Dr. R A Neubauer, better known as the father of HBOT for medical use. He said, “We will try”

That child is now alive, the first and longest surviving child with severe Mitochondrial disease, who is improving by the day. She is now about 6 years old, getting ready to join school soon, contrary to all medical opinion she had received earlier.

Shannon’s passionate drive to find a way out of a hopeless situation has paved the way for many more children with Mitochondrial Disease in US, who are surviving and improving by the day, thanks to her. This is a mother’s first hand experience story.



Mitochondrial Disease: Current scenario of management of MD

Including personal experience with her own daughter affected with MD

The outcome 5 years later