Summary: All our 10 CP, 5 MR, 1 Autistic, 1 Arthrogyrosis and 1 Deaf and Dumb child got together to present a two hour non-stop dance drama (ballet) on the Indion Epic, Ramayana, along with some of their normal brothers, sisters, friends and a few staff of UDAAN. The show was a grand succes. It was inaugurated by the First Lady of Delhi, the wife of the Lt. Governor. Its video is one of our most prized posessions.

King's Court scene 1

The Royal court of King Dasarath, with many of our kids on stage

King's court scene 2

Another scene from the King's court
King Dasarath (Manish, CP) summons the 4 princes to proceed with sage Vashistha to get a formal education and master the art of war

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