UDAAN Multimode Early Medical Intervention Therapy Projec
for small children with Autism

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Emboldened and experienced with our experiences with UDAAN Multimode Early Medical Intervention Therapy for small children with Cerebral Palsy, and the consequent International Recognition, we have decided to extend our expertise to the world of small children with Autism, to provide them with UDAAN Multimode Early Medical Intervention Therapy project for small children with Autism. The following is the proposed list of tests that we are planning to do. They will be done in collaboration with a very reputed and established National level Laboratories. Last updated April 5, 2006

List of Tests Proposed

Most of the matter is intellectual property, hence only a sketch is provided

First Round Tests to choose small children for the Project. Our preference is to select young children (aged 2 to 5, and definitely less than 12 years of age on therapy start date), with diagnosis from a competent legally authorised professional.


Laboratory Assessments: Standard, Every 3 months

  1. Stool Routine Exam when needed
  2. Urine Routine
  3. Complete Hemogram and ESR
  4. Some specific Liver Function Tests
  5. Some specific Kidney Function tests

Laboratory Assessments: Specific for Phase I


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