Summary: Down Syndrome refers to a group of genetic diseases (children born abnormal because their genetic code is wrong somewhere), first described by John Langdon Down. There is a defect in the 21st pair of chromosomes, due to which the children born have a characteristic skeletal structure that makes them resemble persons native to Mongolia, and being mentally challenged to a variable degree, high incidence of congenital heart disease, and risk of many infections and cancers. (We must never refer to the disorder as Mongolism).  Last updated December 2, 2013

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Introduction What is Down Syndrome
Trisomy 21 Brief guide to understanding genetics
Features Clinical diagnosis of Down Syndrome
Management What can / should be done to manage such children
  NEW PowerPoint Presentation (N.B.: 4.2 Mb file) Medical Management Aims and Strategies in Down Syndrome
Specific help site for Mosaic Down Syndrome You may like to check out 
or write to Bill Green , Vice President of International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association at United Kingdom


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Early intervention of Down syndrome infants and children with proper Rehabilitation Therapies along with low pressure mHBAT, supplemented by SPECT Scan proven acquired brain dsamage using Wharton's Jelly Mesenchymal HSSc Therapy can make a difference in maximising their potential abilities for a better quality life. Regular screening for common medical problems, a conducive family environment and vocational training can improve the overall development of Down syndrome.
Treatment is best done before 5 years
Fresh Embryonic stem cells may be preferred, but they are only available legally as part of CLINICAL TRIAL Phase I or II
Autologous stem cells may not be very successful due to the genetic Trisomy that will be present in the stem cells used. The role of Wharton's jelly based mesenchymal Stem Cell (HSSc) is now being studied.
The changes seen will be mostly due to the repair of multiple head trauma suffered by the child due to weaker muscle systems supporting the head.

Too premature at present in INDIA at least, unless part of a Clinical Trial.


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