Well known all over for quality of Standard Rehabilitation therapies that include Physio- and Occupational Therapy, Special Education, ADL Training, Speech, Communication and Oro-motor Training, Sensory Integration Therapies in our fully equipped Department, and Arts & Crafts to develop concentration, fine motor activity and sense of Freedom of thought.

Pioneered Pediatric Hyperbaric Therapy to help reverse hypoxic brain and tissue damage in children with CP, Autism, Down’s, Muscular Dystrophy, hearing impairment, etc. in 2001.
Invited in 2003 to present our experience of HBOT in CP to the 3rd International Symposium on HBOT at Florida, USA.
In 2007, organized an International conference on Neural Repair in Neuro Rehabilitation (NR2CON), attended by more than 600 national and international delegates. It helped spread awareness about the rising incidence of Autism, and awareness about the scope of brain and metabolic repair using HBOT and Biomedical approach.
Team Leader, Dr. Arun Mukherjee presented the “2010 Hyperbaric Doctor of the Year” at the 7th International Symposium on HBOT at Irvine, California, USA.
Invited to give many lectures on HBOT in symposia, national and international conferences.
Presented the Time Research Media Award for Outstanding Contribution for Healthcare of the Year 2012.
Presented the AmeriCares Foundation (americares.org) Spirit of Humanities Award best Indian NGO in the Field of Neurology for the year 2013.
Dr. Arun Mukherjee is the first and only Fellow from India of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special-needs, USA, (medmaps.org) and also the only Asian Faculty member.
Dr. Mukherjee is doing advanced level studies and management using biomedical approch in Autism, Down Syndrome, and other researches (see below).


Biomedical Approach In Autism Spectrum Disorder: (ASD): Current evidence (check out in Googlescholar.com) suggests that the range covering ASD is a summation effect of genetic disorders at specific loci plus defects in metabolic pathways especially in methylation and sulphation pathways, reduced heavy metal and toxin excretion capacity, immune dysfunction, gut dysbiosys, mitochondrial deficiency, etc.
At UDAAN, relevant specialised tests are done, and requisite corrective measures as available, initiated to overcome these deficiencies, to improve quality of life of the affected child and his/her family faster and to the extent medically possible , without indiscriminately going overboard on enthusiastic overkill with excessive polyphamceutical megadosage of medications and diet.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): UDAAN pioneered Pediatric HBOT in India (Since 2001). Our ongoing research we showed that the main effect of HBOT in hypoxic brain seems to come from pressure-mediated DNA signalling rather than the brute force of high tissue oxygenation, while high pressure HBOT with pure oxygen is necessary for severe tissue damage induced edema, Lyme’s disease, deep sea diving, crush injury, war injuries, etc. We are now able to design personalized therapy, by regulating the pressure and oxygen concentration, duration and number of sessions, and repetitions as required, for optimum effect in a particular situation and complications, like epilepsy. We usually use 3-D SPECT Fusion Scan of brain to base our decisions.
Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) With Neurofeedback: rTMS with Neuro-Biofeedback consists of cutting edge medical devices to stimulate paralysed body parts, dysfunctional brain areas, and restore brain control, increase concentration, reduce hyperactivity and thus demonstrate an all-round improvement in brain function. UDAAN has been selected by DST, Govt. of India, in collaboration with NEHU, to conduct a proper protocol establishment study of the benefits of rTMS in brain damaged children (CP and Traumatic Brain Injury).
Unani or Ayurvedic Therapy: Unani and Ayurvedic Herbal Therapies for brain repair include “Brahmi” (Centenella: whose “Brahmi” is CNS corrective while Bacopa’s “Brahmi” is better for hair tonic). Its purified and standardised active portion has been prepared Dept. of Ayush, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India. In an earlier double blind randomised SPECT based study, we had shown that it was quite beneficial for improving Cognitive deficiency in CP. Now, have been asked us to do the same study in Autism.


Come. Be a part of the efforts of the UDAAN, as a gesture of your or your company’s Social responsibility(CSR), by sponsorship or donation to help improve the quality of life of differently able children.


Child of UDAAN have received Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Awards (PHA), sponsored by Bajaj Discover, are India’s first health honours, commend people who, with grit and determination, have fought and recovered from severe and debilitating diseases and disabilities to lead normal lives again.