A Disabled Person always deserves a second chance at life.
We aim to provide that to the limit of our ability.


Help and provide ALL Standard Rehabs under one roof, complemented by latest (even research stage) cutting edge medical advances, under stringent quality control, following all provisions of Helsinki protocol, in tune with current government guidelines, to enable a fair to good degree of tissue damage reversal, to give the affected disabled person a better quality of life so that his Spirit of Freedom my rise and fly away like a free bird.

Inj. MB12 Study

We are now RECRUITING FOR THE WORLD’S FIRST LONG TERM (2 YRS) LARGE SCALE STUDY OF MB12 (25 MG/ML INJ.) IN AUTISM after receiving sanction from Drug’s Controller of India and Ethics Committee of SGR Hospital, one of Delhi’s oldest and premier tertiary care hospitals.
100 children, preferrably of NCR Delhi, aged 2 to 7 years, with Autism, will receive FREE MB12 for 2 years as part of the study if they satisfy the inclusion criteria, to re-establish and prove what we all know, that MB12 Inj. 25 mg/ml works to improve prognosis in Autism, so that Drugs Controller’s permission is received to enable affordable drug manufacture by any competent Pharmaceutical House.
This study is being conducted with the help of the joint effort and sponsorship by UDAAN for the Disabled of New Delhi, INDIA; Akhil Autism Foundation of New Jersey, US; Autism Research Institute of San Diego, USA, M/s. Panacea Biotec Ltd., INDIA and some other phillanthropists of India. For details, click here.


  • 1992: Started Standard Rehabilitation Therapy center for brain damaged children offering intensive Physical Therapies, Special Education, Speech, Counselling, fully equipped Sensory Integration Therapy, lifestyle advice, Diet guideline, etc, all under one roof, at Lajpatnagar, New Delhi.
  • 2001: Indian pioneers of HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) in children, to treat brain damage. Today, both low and high pressure HBOT is provided to adults and children, based on SPECT Scan or other test analysis, to determine pressure level, oxygen dose, number of sessions, duration of sessions and repetitions if any.
  • 2003: Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study of standardized Brahmi extract to partially restore brain injury in CP.
  • 2006: Pioneered, developed and started providing highly affordable but equally effective low pressure HBOT.
  • 2007: Organised International NR2CON Conference to introduce to India latest standard plus early medical management of Autism, CP, Mitochondrial Disorder, etc.
  • 2008: Began biomedical database of children with Autism for future research
  • 2010: Awarded “Hyperbaric Doctor of the Year 2010″ at the 7th Int. HBOT Conference at Torrance, CA, USA
  • Recruitment for the Inj. MB12 Study has begun after obtaining DCGI and IEC permission, to ultimately start commercial manufacture of the drug in India at affordable cost for restoring brain function in Autism


  • Real Time Magnetic Stimulation therapy to control abnormal brain function in Autism and Cerebral Palsy: a DST project, Govt. of India, in collaboration with NEH University. Sanctioned. Awaiting budget allocation.
  • Controlled study of purified standardized Brahmi (Bacopa) extract for improving brain function in Autism, under Min. of Health, Govt. of India. Sanctioned. Budget awaited.
  • Regenerative Medical Therapy study for non-responsive, or end stage cases of cerebral palsy, autism, optic nerve atrophy, retinitis pigmentosa, muscular dystrophy, severe stroke with coma, spinal cord injury, degenerative arthritis, etc.


We offer our services to help you or your near and dear ones, affected by a “permanent” disability, to improve the disability to the medical degree possible, to enhance quality of life, in disorders listed in the Menu on top of the page.


Many of the treatment modalities are under Research Stage now, being done only when established, approved and available treatments have failed to provide continued and further relief, so that they fulfill the criteria for Off Label Case Study, under Helsinki Protocol provisions. They may require stringent pre-therapy and regular post-therapy follow up and investigations for patient safety monitoring and progress rate measurement, to provide proper future guidance. For further details, go through the menu above and contact us.


Our research in HBOT has just been published supported by an impressive Editorial in the world’s foremost and most stringent HBOT Journal: Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine of USA, as its lead article, accompanied by an Editorial on it, in the March 2014 issue. Look up PubMed Medline for “PMID: 24851543″ and “PMID: 24851544″.

For further details, consultation in person or through Skype, phone
R&D Manager at +91-958-242-8429 and Administrator at +91-991-190-1948 or Email admin@udaan.org for appointment and scheduling.


Come. Be a part of the efforts of the UDAAN, as a gesture of your or your company’s Social responsibility(CSR), by sponsorship or donation to help improve the quality of life of differently able children.


Child of UDAAN have received Dr. Batra’s Positive Health Awards (PHA), sponsored by Bajaj Discover, are India’s first health honours, commend people who, with grit and determination, have fought and recovered from severe and debilitating diseases and disabilities to lead normal lives again.


At udaan we organise special trips, picnics, drama and music festivals on a regular basis. We take children out for out door activities and cultural events. Click here to take a look at event pictures.